The honeymoon of Julián Muñoz, Mayte Zaldívar and the paperboy boyfriend: the triangle of the three jokes

First mockery: that of Mayte Zaldívar and Julián passing the Civil Code through the Arc de Triomphe. Second mockery: that of the former mayor, who has not returned a euro of those that disappeared, and intends to make the mother of his daughters the heir of his pensions or whatever with a wedding that sounds like a fraud. Third mockery: that of Fernando, the newlywed’s boyfriend. No further comment is necessary.

A week ago a media commotion was forming around Mayte Zaldívar and Julián Muñoz due to their strange second wedding, a media tsunami that the televisions fueled and the media supported, buying those things as if they were important news. At the moment, neither of them has wanted to speak publicly (for free) about the reason for this new ‘Yes, I do’. But we all know that it points to fraud of law more than to the fact that the corrupt former mayor and the mother of his daughter (Zaldívar’s other daughter is not the result of her relationship with Julián) have recovered the spark of passion .

Despite the obvious nature of these motivations, which have little to do with the love between a passionate couple, speculation does not cease. How are they living it? The former mayor of Marbella has been seen these days taking his daily walks, at 76 years old and suffering from cancer, and also enjoying a family meal where the person who is supposed to still be Mayte’s boyfriend was present, time madam. of Muñoz. We are talking about Fernando, whose role in this circus does not allow him to talk much and has always given silence in response when asked about it.

More of the same has happened with Mayte. In a friendly way he has assured that he has nothing to say about it and they are letting this media river pass them by. But at the moment they are not achieving it since silence does not stop the versions, each worse, of the latest pirouette of these conjurers of the Civil Code who had such a bad time with the Penal Code.

The last time we saw the former ‘Survivor’ contestant, she seemed relaxed in front of the cameras when she left work and made it clear what her position was going to be these days: “I’m very sorry for your work, for the hours you’ve spent here in the sun, This being a lot, I understand that it is your job and I want you to understand my position, okay? Good afternoon guys, have a good day,” declared this woman at 67 splendid years, and whose beauty remains half a century after taking Norma away from her. Duval the title of My Driving School. With these words, Julián’s current wife clarified before the cameras that she, at least for the moment, is not going to make any statement about why she has decided to marry him again… will she speak in the future?