The hidden drama of Carmen Alcayde by her ex-husband: trials, unpaid loans and a complicated situation

Carmen Alcayde Ballesteros (Valencia, April 9, 1973) is one of the contestants in this new edition of VIP Big Brother. The journalist, who rejected an offer from TVE after losing her job at the end of Save me, accepted Mediaset’s offer to participate in the reality in exchange of a succulent amount of money. His financial situation was not ideal.

The presenter displays an almost permanent smile on her face but behind that happy and optimistic decoration hides a terrible sadness. A little over a year and a half ago she separated from the love of her life and father of her three children, Eduardo Primo and, unfortunately, she did not do it on the best terms.

They say that in Big Brother Everything comes out and if that happens, issues as delicate as the fact that she gets along badly with her ex-husband will emerge. Health issues or financial disputes may also arise, or whether he has been in a difficult financial situation. Carmen Alcayde hands him some money. Some sources close to the journalist speak of a loan requested by both when they were still married that has not been fully paid. Who guaranteed that credit and who is responsible for the payments?

Sweethearts from a very young age, they had been together almost all their lives. But their relationship ended like the rosary of dawn. And they even went to court, as confirmed Informalia. “In our relationship there were no arguments or fights. He is a wonderful man, but now we were not so good. We love each other very much and we will continue to love each other. We get along well and I hope we get along well. We were playing the game of tug-of-war and Each of us wanted to do different things and we argued. We have done it so that our children are well. I need to find myself. We are in divorce proceedings,” Alcayde explained then, although she admitted problems: “It is a very difficult situation.”

Eduardo has never wanted to share the fame of the mother of his children. There aren’t many images of him. Carmen’s ex lives in Valencia, their hometown, and it is there where he tries to rebuild her life after her bitter divorce. The communicator and the one who was her representative and life partner have three children: Carmen, 13 years old, Edu, 12, and little Olivia, 10. They all study in Madrid, where the whole family decided to move when Carmen started doing theater and work in Save me, long before the children arrived.

Eduardo lost his job in the real estate sector and in Madrid all the problems worsened. Fortunately, the presenter found her place in Mediaset and that is where she continues, although this summer, we know that she received a good offer from the public, although it did not improve the one from the Fuencarral network and she decided to continue in it.

A relationship that is not cordial and full of confrontations, with money involved

Carmen and Eduardo had been together for three decades and had been married for 19 when they decided to separate their lives, in September 2022. They met at the Faculty of Journalism in 1993 and became inseparable: they shared the same humor, the same desire to have fun and maybe even the same life project and the same aspirations. But in 1998 she began to want to have a family. Eduardo didn’t see it the same way, he wanted to continue enjoying himself, and they separated for the first time. In 2001 they realized that they could not live without each other and resumed their story. They got married in 2003 at the Santa Bárbara hermitage in Rocafort (Valencia), surrounded by friends and with a party that lasted until dawn.

“When you’ve been around for so many years, the most important thing is to be happy and free. That freedom means entering, going out, traveling with your friends or him with his friends. I’m not an open couple, I’m very traditional for that. Infidelity doesn’t bother me. I would like to. We have been there for 28 years and if something happens one day, the path has already been taken,” Carmen confessed a few years ago.

For a long time they maintained that balance even living apart. Because we must remember that before settling in Madrid, he spent some time living in Valencia and she spent a lot of time in the capital. And nothing ever happened. “There have been no third parties. It has been a difficult decision to make but I hope it is right,” she said when she confirmed the news of her separation in Save me.

Since then he has not commented on the matter again. Absolute silence on his part and on Eduardo’s part. No one wants to harm his children, but we hear from those around him that the battle is hard.

In fact, it has been a judge who has decided the terms of the separation of her assets and the children, of whom Eduardo, for the moment, cannot have custody, although she is now isolated in the Guadalix house for well-known reasons. We’ll see how the story ends now that Carmen is in Big Brother. Will she talk about her emotional situation? Will Eduardo enter the game?