Laura Madrueño and her husband expand their family, although we are not talking about a pregnancy

Laura Madrueño (Madrid, 1986) has a new reason to keep her smile. The presenter, a graduate in Audiovisual Communication, and her husband, the architect and photographer Álvaro Puerto, are expanding their family. The former presenter of El Tiempo does not have children, although she has confessed her desire to bring at least two babies into the world. She was an only child and she does not want that situation to be repeated in her marriage. But no, at the moment, the news that the family is expanding is not going there.

They got married on June 18, 2022 in Formentera, where they celebrated a sustainable wedding, since both are firm activists of ecology and the protection of nature.

Laura Madrueño was the presenter of Survivientes in Honduras, and her husband went to see her in the Cayos Cochinos to spend a few days with her. After the end of reality, The journalist and the architect went on vacation to the Maldives for a few days, where they enjoyed diving, since they are passionate about scuba diving, and they sailed on a sailboat. Then they went to Ceylon, and toured the island of Sri Lanka. Now, the happiness they exude is even greater: “He’s staying,” says Álvaro’s note on his official Instagram account with four photos of a new puppy that comes to the family.