The Hidalgo family goes on communion in the midst of the Globalia and Begoña Gómez scandal

The founder of Air Europa, Juan José Hidalgo, is celebrating June 8 with his entire clan. The Globalia family gathered in full this Saturday to celebrate the First Communion of one of the patriarch’s five granddaughters, Lucywho is the eldest daughter of Cristina Hidalgo -the director of Purchasing, Works and Maintenance of Globalia-, and the former bullfighter and director of Be Live Hotels, Javier Blanco.

After a religious ceremony held at the Nuestra Señora de La Moraleja Church, the family moved a few kilometers away to entertain the guests with a succulent meal. Thus, the reception and subsequent party took place at the La Borda del Mentidero restaurant, located at Ronda de la Comunicación, 5 in Madrid, next to the Telefónica District, on the Fuencarral-El Pardo highway. The establishment – it is, curiously, the one that hosted the marriage proposal of María Pombo and Pablo Castellano, as well as the wedding of Marta Pombo and Luis Zamalloa – has a beautiful garden where the guests have started to eat, but the rain has forced them to move inside, where a bucolic greenhouse has served as shelter for diners.

It should be noted that this restaurant is known for its sirloins in its different variants (old cow, tomahawk or steak tartare), as well as free-range duck magret. In addition, it has its own garden where they collect top quality vegetables daily with which they prepare outstanding dishes on their menu such as grilled homemade romesco vegetables, vegetable stew with crispy Iberian ham or the variety of tomatoes from the garden. .

Among the guests were Fonsi Nieto, Fiona Ferrer o Juan Pena. In addition, the entire Hidalgo family was scheduled to meet, including Javier, who has come from Botswana, where he has lived for two months after being involved in the Air Europa rescue scandal that occurred in 2020, in a 475 million operation. of euros that the judge is investigating Juan Carlos Peinado and in whose plot the name of Begoña Gomezaccused of alleged influence peddling for being the wife of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, since Globalia “sponsored” Begoña’s activities as director of the Africa Center Business Institute. The question still unconfirmed, by some, is whether Begoña has also been part of today’s celebration with the Globalia clan.

After the banquet, it’s time to dance and let your hair go. To do this, both Juan Peña and Los del Río have been in charge of providing music to the event, as they are already essential in any self-respecting Hidalgo party. Let’s hope that the guests do not get distracted with the celebration and fulfill the protagonist of the event, Lucía, who has requested in her invitation a single wish as a common gift: a pony.