The ‘Heroes of Today’ platform launches the short film ‘Mother’, a plea in favor of reconciliation


The ‘Heroes of Today’ platform, promoted by LaLiga, Iberia, Repsol, Orange and DAZN, have launched this Tuesday, on the occasion of the proximity of Mother’s Day, the short film ‘Mother’, with which it intends to denounce and put an end to the obstacles that professional athletes face when they decide to be mothers.

‘Having one dream is for the brave, two is for heroes’, is the message with which ‘Heroes of Today’ seeks to raise awareness in society to move towards conciliation, without motherhood interfering with the professional dreams of women.

“Supporting professional athletes and helping them to reconcile their professional career with the personal decision to become a mother is everyone’s business. Especially social actors who, like us, serve as an influence for so many young people around the world,” said Anastasia Llorens , Head of Advertising and Branded Content.

Currently, one in three pregnant athletes suffers from abandonment and discrimination. In addition, according to data from the ‘Las invisibles’ study, four out of 10 women affirm that they have experienced some discriminatory aspect in their work environment when they became a mother: 22% of women lost their job when they became mothers, 11 % left because they could not combine it with care and 6% were fired for being pregnant or having had a son or daughter. The lack of reconciliation measures is what causes 68% of mothers not to have had more sons and daughters.

‘Mother’ tells the story of overcoming an athlete who decides to be a mother without giving up being an elite athlete, despite having stopped receiving support from everyone and even from her own coach. The short reflects the situation that many women face today when they get pregnant and all the doors are closed to them to reach the top of their professional career.

Despite the inconveniences and obstacles that they have to face during the process, the protagonist finds the strength to carry on, and fights for both dreams: to be a mother and a professional athlete. With an epic ending, the film shows the athlete returning to compete after giving birth, stronger than ever, to show that she can be a mother and be at the forefront of sport.

“‘Mother’, the fourth short film released by ‘Héroes de Hoy’, addresses the pairing of motherhood and elite sport, to denounce behaviors that are still widespread in our society and that condition the future of many women,” said Alejandro Lavezzolo, spokesman for ‘Heroes of Today’.

Meanwhile, Daniel Rodríguez, executive creative director of DDB, insisted on reality. “There are still women who decide to postpone or abandon their desire to be mothers so as not to lose opportunities in professional sports, since they often face cuts in their sponsorships, termination of their contracts or abandonment by their coaches,” he said.

‘Heroes of Today’ is a project made up of different brands that come together to denounce and make visible any type of discrimination and intolerance in the world of sport. The platform was born with the aim of telling stories of heroes who never give up. On this occasion, LaLiga, Iberia, Repsol, Orange and DAZN are the brands that have wanted to join the initiative.