Dulceida finally confirms her reconciliation with Alba Paul with two romantic photos

After days of intense rumors about a possible reconciliation between Dulceida and Alba Paul, the influencers have confirmed the news on Tuesday with two photos that prove it. They have accompanied the publication with the emoticons of a mouse and a frog, united with a green heart.

His followers have quickly celebrated the news: “I love you”, “I love you” or “Love wins”, some of them have written. Famous friends like Cristina Castaño and Lola Índigo have also been happy and have sent them some red hearts. In just over half an hour, the publication of the two already exceeds 100,000 likes.

Dulceida and Alba ended their relationship after seven years together and a wedding that they celebrated on June 27, 2019, but which they did not register in the registry, as Dulceida herself confessed.

When they announced their separation in July 2021, they did not completely close the door to reconciliation: “For seven years we have had a very good, very special relationship. Whoever knows us knows it. But like any real relationship, it has its ups and downs And we’re going through one right now and we’ve decided to take this time to see if it can be fixed.

The truth is that I trust so,” wrote Alba. In October of the same year they confirmed the final break but, around a year and a half later, they have given themselves a new opportunity.