The heartbreaking letter that Fernández Tapias’ granddaughter read at his funeral: “I will not forget the last time I went to see you”

This Monday, November 13, the funeral mass of Fernando Fernandez Tapias. None of the parties were missing: neither the widow with her two children nor the eldest children of the businessman, who died on October 25 at the age of 84. His grandchildren were also there. I would goone of his favorites, read on behalf of all his cousins ​​a letter in memory of his grandfather that moved everyone present: “N“I will never forget the last time I went to your house to see you.”, Some very significant words taking into account the statement in which his father, Fernando Jr., and his uncles regretted that they had been prevented from entering their father’s house since 2019.

“I want to begin the farewell letter to my grandfather. This writing reflects the feeling that overwhelms us as a family today, in which you unexpectedly left our side and that of course are not the desires of our hearts,” he said at the beginning.

Alalo, I think the time has come to say goodbye. We already gave each other the last look, the last smile, the last hug and the last kiss. You will not be physically with us and we cannot touch you and feel close to you as we would like, but we know that your son Bosco called you to accompany him in heaven“he added, referring to the businessman’s son who died in 2010 due to an accident while diving.

“Life has hit us again as a family and we are sad for your departure, however on this occasion I would like to thank you for many things, first for being your granddaughter, and for letting me share such special moments with you. Second for having been with us for more than 80 years For making us live unique and memorable moments, for your jokes, your ambition, your mischief, your enthusiasm and joy,” he lamented.

With tears on the verge and emotion on the surface, she rescued from her memory some of the most special moments with him: “I will never forget the Sundays at your house, your naps after eating, or our Christmas meals that we always celebrated.” with great joy and much less your recipe for scallops with ham that to this day I still remember the flavor. And above all I will never forget the last time I went to your house to see youI remember perfectly that I was wearing very torn jeans and you told me ‘your pants have torn a little’, a typical grandfather phrase that I still remember to this day.”

For all this, the mark that Fernando leaves on his grandchildren is indelible: “You have been and will always be an example to follow for all of us and we will never forget you.I know that you are in a better place now and that is the only thing that comforts us. We love you very much and will never forget you, your grandchildren“.

These were Iria’s first words after the death of her grandfather

After the death of the former first vice president of Real Madrid, the young Iria already broke her silence, intensifying the family war between the eldest children and the widow, Nuria González: “Now the whole truth will be known,” confessed in ABC. A year ago she was much more explicit about the family situation they were going through: “They won’t let me see him! We don’t know anything about his state of health. It can’t be! They can’t deny us the right to enjoy him. All his grandchildren adore him. And he to us. “It makes me terribly sad that something happens to him, for example, that he can never see him again,” he told The world.

Last Friday, the navier’s eldest children released a forceful statement to the media in which they assured that they did not sue their father in 2020 to legally incapacitate him. They also regretted that they were prevented from going to his house to visit him.

The eldest children of Fernández Tapias at the funeral mass held this Monday in Madrid

“Prior to the incapacitation procedure beginning, specifically from October 2019 and until the date of death of Mr. Fernando Fernández-Tapias Román, The face-to-face contact of Mr. Fernando with the Fernández-Tapias Brothers and with their children, the 8 grandchildren of Mr. Fernando, has been repeatedly prohibited and whom They have been denied access to their place of residence despite repeated attempts by their family to see their father and grandfather.“, they prayed in one of the points of their letter. Íñigo, Fernando and Borja, Fefé’s oldest children, were born from his first marriage with Chiqui Riva de Luna and Juan Carlos and Sandra, who also signed this statement, are the fruit of their second marriage with Juana García-Courel. The twenty-year-old Iván and the teenager Alma, for their part, are the two children he had with Nuria González.