The harsh decision of Isabel Pantoja that would overshadow the wedding of her sheet: “She does not plan to go to the wedding”

It seems that Isabel Pantoja is very clear that she will not attend Isa Pantoja’s wedding with Asraf Beno, a fact that will certainly mean a before and after in the always delicate relationship between mother and daughter, which destabilized even more after the last meeting of the singer with her two children at the Seville hospital where Kiko underwent surgery. Rivera this past July.

Antonio Rossi on Telecinco -the journalist who spread the news- explained that Isabel Pantoja “had been very upset by the statements her daughter made on set after her mother left the hospital when she went to see her son.” Explanations that the young daughter of Julián Muñoz’s ex shared on television about the DJ’s operation: “We have no relationship, my mother is the one who informs me of everything, I am fully aware and the important thing for me is that he is well.”

The Sevillian, according to Rossi, is still angry at these words with which she made public the conflict she had with Kiko Rivera, also suggesting that, however, the relationship between them was good when it really didn’t exist either.

Thus, the journalist has explained the real situation between mother and daughter at present: “The reality is that they do not speak on the phone, they do not pass the phone to her, she does not see her grandson, it is that there is no relationship” and, therefore , “Isabel Pantoja does not plan to go to her daughter’s wedding, I think the possibility of going has not even been considered.”

For Antonio, the decision of the tonadillera “is very confirmed. To this day, Isabel Pantoja does not consider it,” although her daughter tried to arrange things for her to attend. “I know that Isa has tried to speak to her mother on some occasion by calling a third person, that third person has not named her mother because her mother did not want to speak,” explained the Telecinco commentator.