María del Monte’s wife, Inmaculada Casal, tearful over the “traumatic” assault on her home: “We are going to make a bunker”

María del Monte and her wife, Inmaculada Casal, were surprised by five hooded men while they were sleeping in their house in Gines, in Seville. A noise made them get up and, horrified by the situation, they were forced to hand over all their valuables. “I don’t wish it on anyone,” the artist has slipped.

The journalist Inmaculada Casal has explained that they still do not assimilate that “five hooded guys” have left them with nothing: “We are in shock, we are horrified, we do not sleep. They have attacked my house, my room, my privacy.” Without understanding the situation, she Inmaculada has confessed that they have not left anything of value in the house: “They have taken our whole lives.”

“We have lived here for 24 years. We never thought that this could happen to us. We neither live in a luxury urbanization nor do we earn millionaire figures. We are not artists or footballers who earn a lot of money,” he explains with teary eyes.

Despite the fact that his home already had security measures, he assures that they will invest all their money “in making a bunker” so as not to have to experience something similar again: “This has been horrible, it has been a traumatic experience.