The great scare of journalist Cristina López Schlichting: her son has been on the brink of death after an accident

The journalist Cristina Lopez Schlichting She said this Monday that one of her sons (she is the mother of Felipe, Ignacio and Inés) suffered a traffic accident on December 5 that kept him in a struggle between life and death. Back to his workplace, since last month he remained next to the young man, 32 years old, the director of Weekend of COPE revealed it has been the last few weeks for her.

The communicator praised the work of the health workers at the La Princesa hospital in Madrid for their involvement in the care of her son, who was admitted to the ICU with serious injuries. “I have never seen such a spectacle in my life. Dozens of doctors fighting hard for a 32-year-old boy who was sentenced. Broken skull, bleeding liver, burst lungs, fractured hips. Five years ago death would have been inevitable. And there you see the magnificent human intelligence, a gift from God, in an exercise in acrobatics, imagining ways to steal from death what it wanted to take,” he advanced.

The presenter recalled the work of professionals “in the face of the heart that stopped, the norepinephrine that forced it to start again.” Also “before the lungs that could not pull, a machine that extracted all the blood from the body through the femoral artery, oxygenated it and reintroduced it through the jugular.” He will never forget “the team of burly traumatologists nailing and assembling an iron scaffolding to fix the bones that were falling apart.”

A fight against death

“My son couldn't be turned around, as was done with covid patients, because his bones were broken, so they placed him on a swinging bed to move him from side to side, in an unthinkable acrobatics that stretched his broken lungs. His head could not be operated on and a probe was placed to measure intracranial pressure. “All the imagination in the world to take from the Grim Reaper what he was determined to take from us,” the journalist added.

López Schlichting knows that the young man has “a very long road of rehabilitation and uncertainty ahead,” but right now he only has words of gratitude for the professionals who have taken care of him. “Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of a mother who has seen her child born again.” “It is impossible for us to respond to the barrage of affection that covers us. It is a great impulse to continue working, making an effort and to move forward in this year that we have started and that we do not have to take for granted. It is an unthinkable gift,” he said. .

The presenter lost her father, Felipe Lopezon October 28, 2022 and, for a few months, his mother, Ingeborg Arbitration, works with her on the radio. The director of Weekend At COPE she met her husband when she was 15 and married him when she was 24. Together they formed a family that is now experiencing one of its most difficult moments.