Ana Obregón's behavior becomes a television circus and affects the Aless Lequio Foundation

Ten days have passed since we published this headline on January 1: Ana Obregón has not yet contributed to the Aless Lequio Foundation the funds for her exclusives or for the book The Boy of the Shrews. Since then, the presenter has dedicated herself to insulting those who ask if it is true that she has fulfilled her commitments (publicly acquired) to donate her exclusives and other works of her to the Foundation.

“I would love to know what all those who spit snakes out of their mouths totally uninformed do for others,” he wrote.

But the reality is that not only has he not presented a single piece of evidence to dismantle the scandal, but he is dirtying the Foundation (which is impeccable), he has become entangled in suspicious contradictionshas made regrettable statements (“I have a mouth to feed”) to justify herself, has issued a deplorable statement that does not clarify anything and has started a war against Lequio, publicly pointing him out as the mole who leaks the accounts of the foundation that she presides over.

Logically, the matter has been followed by almost all the specialized media, magazines, digital and radio, and has seen how, on a daily basis, the members of the television magazines commented on the scandal of announcing donations or contributions and not complying (until the moment) the commitments that were publicly acquired; That is, letting the suspicion grow, without putting a stop to the initial accusations. One of these members is also his ex, his father. Alessio Lequio, who has had to insistently intervene to install a firewall and protect the Foundation from the discredit generated by Ana Obregón's conduct.

“Alessandro Lequio leaves Ana Obregón with his ass in the air”

Lequio's statements are devastating: “They gave me the exclusives that Ana made and the commitments she made each and every time: they are all here. I don't know if she did it or not but. She may have changed her mind. at a given moment. This already It is a moral question of yours. I guess it will clarify these things.”

But it was the actress herself who, to protect herself, deflected the shot by targeting a Foundation that no one attacked and against which no one cast any suspicion: “The Foundation works, its funds are more than clear; Ana Obregón and her publicly acquired commitments are another matter,” the Italian defended himself in Joaquín Prat's program. “Ana's accounts are Ana's and they don't interest me at all,” the aristocrat added with this gesture to make it clear that he wants to distance himself from Ana Obregón's shameful behavior. That is to say, Lequio understands that Ana's movements are disturbing the Foundation. “All this has confused and done a lot of damage because the Foundation is young but healthy,” he noted. “The Foundation's accounts are being confused with Ana's accounts and they are two totally different things”he reiterated.

In case someone initially wanted to interpret Lequio's statements as if he were raising a spear in favor of the biologist, this Tuesday we heard him again reproaching the exclusives and work that Ana Obregón did writing that they would go to the Aless Lequio Foundation. The Italian recovered Ana Obregón's notes on his own social networks and committing to give the money from their work and exclusives to the Foundation and she read several of these commitments that do not legally bind her but that put her at the feet of the horses from a moral point of view for saying that she donates without proving that she is doing so. As Lequio recalled, Ana has assured time and time again that she was going to donate some of her caches to her son's foundation. She said it on her first cover, the following year, in June, July: “Everything will go to the foundation.” She repeated it in August: “My collaboration will go to research through my son's foundation”; and so on throughout 2023: “My collaboration goes to the foundation.” “There is no doubt, he has said it,” they repeated on several television networks this Tuesday.

It is significant that Lequio, who has always tried to stay out of the media tsunami caused by the unusual motherhood of Ana Obregón, enters the scene with such forcefulness to separate what the Foundation is and the responsibility of the actress. “Do not confuse the foundation with Ana Obregón. The Foundation is very clear, crystalline. The commitments publicly acquired by Ana regarding the exclusives that she made have nothing to do with the Foundation,” she repeats non-stop.

Members of different chains and programs have been even more forceful. This is how Laura Fa commented on the matter, in Espejo Público: “Just as you tell us every time the money goes to the Foundation, you have to tell us when it doesn't go. Alessandro Lequio leaves Ana Obregón with her ass in the airand tries to separate it from the Foundation but it cannot be separated,” he said this Tuesday. Gema Lopez, In the same space, she reflected like this: “Imagine that I buy the book, or a cream, convinced that I am helping the Foundation,” she snapped. Jaime Cantizano, on TVE, he made it very clear: “It is better to donate it instead of repeating so many times that you are going to do it,” he concluded. the presenter from Mornings.

Antonio Rossi, on Telecinco, fired like this: “She will know with her conscience if she has committed to giving one hundred percent, 25, 50 to 35, which she has not said either. The problem of confusing all this is pointing to Alessandro Lequio as the possible leaker of that headline and then go in and give a lot of explanations to muddy things up. She's messing things up,” said the journalist. “People's economic situation changes. They have no obligation to give everything. They can say one thing and do the opposite. The problem is theirs, it is a moral problem. She has messed up everything now and she will have the moral reproach with her conscience. and before the public because “It has been discovered that, for the moment, it has not given anything or has not given everything it said it was going to give,” Rossi sentence.

In the same chain, Carmen Borrego puts the focus on the benefits for Shrew Boy. Let us remember that the publisher Harper Collins acknowledged that it had not provided any money because the settlement of sales was done in March, but it also did not clarify whether it had advanced money to Ana Obregón, as Laura Fa advanced in the Public mirror and confirmed by the daughter of María Teresa Campos: “That book has received some advances, and the exclusives have been collected and are not in the Foundation and that is a reality,” stated Terelu's sister.

How a foundation works: the impeccable examples of Bertín Osborne and Fabiola, Isabel Gemio, Antonio Banderas, Rafa Nadal and Shakira

The Aless Lequio Foundation has its headquarters in a flat that is part of the main donation received. At the moment, it has a part-time employee: “We are very careful not to waste a single euro of the Foundation. Because for us the Foundation's money is sacred and has a very clear purpose,” warned Lequio from Telecinco.

A foundation is a private legal personality, there are no partners or owners. People who make a donation are not members and cannot demand accountability. The accounts are presented annually and must be approved by the Foundation's board, then registered in the registry of foundations. Therefore, the person who makes a donation or buys a book does not have access to those accounts. Another question (not the case) is if there was a case of embezzlement and the employer was reported. Transparency and neatness is visible and is beyond all suspicion in other foundations associated with such well-known figures, the foundation of Bertín Osborne and Fabiola, that of Isabel Gemio, that of Antonio Banderas, that of Rafa Nadal or that of Shakira. All of them show exemplary transparency. Also the Aless Lequio Foundation: the only problem is the reputational damage that Ana Obregón is contaminating her with. For the good of the Foundation, let's hope that everything becomes clearer.

Nor does Wikipedia trust Ana Obregón's alleged truths

Fame precedes Ana Obregón, whom her late father affectionately referred to as “Antoñita la Fantástica.” For two-thirds of her almost 69 years of life she has been the girl at the baptism and the bride at the wedding; She has been the protagonist of controversies that she has known how to make profitable, she has sold exclusives and has known how to exploit her fame beyond her profession, turning her personal life, her triumphs and her tragedies, into the meat of a social chronicle. exclusive hit. When she presented the book she wrote, according to her, from lines written by her deceased son, she said that Aless called her on her cell phone. He said it seriously, at a press conference, in front of hundreds of journalists. The Wikipedia does not trust that, as she states, he eventually graduated in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid: “In various controversies on the subject regarding said degree, he never showed it at all, only fragments of certificates, so it is unknown if he really finished the degree,” literally says the most read encyclopedia on the planet. We don't care about that anymore. But it would be nice if he showed proof that, as he said, the money from the exclusives and other work he did have gone to the impeccable Foundation. Alessio Lequio, whose admirable work can be the great loser of an attitude that, as we have seen, scandalizes.