The great oversight of Daniel Sancho that gives him away is shaped like a knife and a blood-stained bandage

This Tuesday it has come to light the mistake that Daniel Sancho made after committing the recent murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta for which he is imprisoned in Thailand. And it is that the statement of a witness, the video images of several security cameras and what was inside a forgotten backpack and now it is revealed, they are key in the investigation of the crime.

Telecinco has thus shared all the details of the big mistake Rodolfo Sancho’s son. Apparently, the young chef forgot a backpack that It contained a knife inside. and a bandage with blood in the same restaurant where the main witness of the investigation was: “His right hand was bandaged and it was bleeding,” he told the Thai authorities.

This oversight was of great importance to the investigators in charge of the case, since it was one of the main reasons why they targeted Sancho Gracia’s grandson as the main suspect in the crime.

Now, all that remains is for the Thai police Send the report to the Prosecutor’s Office specifying all the evidence with which to prove that Daniel Sancho killed, dismembered and disposed of the body of the Colombian doctor in Thailand.