Daniel Sancho’s grandmother, devastated by the imprisonment of her grandson in Thailand

The ‘Daniel Sancho case’ continues to grab headlines. It’s been 24 days since the son of Rodolfo Sancho confessed to the Thai police that he had murdered and dismembered the surgeon Edwin Arrieta. Now, Daniel Sancho is admitted to the Thai prison in Koh Samui and receives visits from his mother every day Silvia Bronchalo. From Spain, Daniel’s father, Rodolfo Sancho, traveled to Madrid to close bureaucratic issues and visit his mother, Noela Aguirre.

Various sources tell The Spanish that, for Rodolfo, the trip to the capital was marked by an emotional reunion between his mother and his brothers. According to this same medium, during the visit, Daniel Sancho’s grandmother has asked about her grandson on several occasions.

“She doesn’t watch TV and isn’t aware of much,” a source slides to The Spanish. They also point out that the union between Daniel and his grandmother was deep, since they spent a lot of time together. He “has his own room” at Noela’s house, they point out.

The chef had his permanent residence in his grandmother’s house. For this reason, Noela has noticed more the absence of her grandson during this month. She according to her points The SpanishDaniel Sancho’s grandmother has requested to speak with her grandson, however, to date, her request has not come true.

Meanwhile, as confirmed by Telecinco, Rodolfo Sancho is expected to travel to Thailand at the end of this week to be reunited with his son.