The great chemistry of Letizia and actress Vicky Luengo, awarded the Princess of Girona of the Arts

“Thank you very, very much.” They were the first three words that the Mallorcan actress shared Vicky Luengo on his X account by winning the Princess of Girona Award for the Arts. The award was announced this Tuesday, February 20, in the morning at an event at the Center for Performing Arts and Music (CAEM), in Salamanca, as part of the Talent Tour.

The 33-year-old interpreter greeted the Queen with a smile. Mrs. Letizia congratulated her and they shook hands with her. Then, with zero makeup, she chose a very tailored look. centennial based on a black jacket and wide-leg pants combined with white sneakers.

Leonor, who intervened during the event via video call, has released these words: “It is an important moment in my life and I feel very excited” and has highlighted the values ​​in which he has grown up such as “respect for others, effort, excellence, search for knowledge, temperance , discipline and perseverance”. Furthermore, she has emphasized that “effort is always behind excellence.”

'Riot Police' and 'Red Queen'

Vicky Luengo has had a long career in film, theater and television. Protagonist in the series Anti-disturbancesby Rodrigo Sorogoyen, original from Movistar+, we have also seen it in the film Chavalas. One of his most recent works was in First Faceand in the work El Golem, written by Juan Mayorga, Princess of Asturias Award winner. She has given life to Antonia Scott, protagonist of Red Queenan Amazon Prime series based on the novels by Juan Gómez Jurado.

Along with the actress, Raúl Almenara, architect and graduate in Fine Arts, appeared as finalists in this arts category; the chef Carlos Casillas, the architect Anna Devis and the dancer and choreographer Yoel Vargas.