Carlos Alocén: “It's a pleasure to have Ricky again, he looks great, happy and content”


The point guard of the Spanish team Carlos Alocén is clear that “it is a pleasure to have Ricky Rubio in the national team again, whom he sees as great, happy and content”, while he confessed his happiness for having the opportunity to compete again. internationally after his serious knee injury.

“It's a pleasure to have him again after that break he's had. He looks great, he looks happy, he looks happy, and on the track just like always,” Carlos Alocén highlighted before the media after training. of the selection.

The Real Madrid player stated that he is “very happy to be with the national team.” “It is very special to return here to Prince Felipe, to Zaragoza, and to be enjoying my city too. It has been hard and complicated, but it tastes better after so much time. Being able to return to the national team and have this opportunity is a huge joy, and Let it be Zaragoza, double joy too,” admitted the player who was off the court for almost two years due to a knee injury.

Alocén recalled that Latvia “played very good games in the World Cup” and that “they are a very difficult rival, they compete very well.” “Thursday is sure to be a very, very tough game and they are going to make things complicated for us, but, well, we have already started doing things on Monday and little by little we are understanding each other, a good dynamic and I am sure that it will It's going to be a cool game,” he admitted.

“I really wanted to return to the national team, I watched the European Championship a few years ago, the last World Cup from home and it is a pleasure to see how people compete here, with that cohesion that there is and to be able to be part of this, it is very special” , he remarked.

The Madrid game director believes that his “one hundred percent” has already been reached once he has started playing games. “I think I'm 100% from weeks ago and this 100% will be less as the games and days go by, but I feel good, very happy to be able to play basketball, which for me is essential and essential,” he confessed.

In this concentration he is with two other Aragonese such as Jaime Pradilla and the young Lucas Langarita, one of the 'guests'. “I think Jaime is doing very well. I know him well, from a very young age, and having three Aragonese players in a call for the senior team is not something easy and it is something to celebrate,” he said.