The Gopick platform increases the average ticket in stadiums and sports venues by up to 30 percent

Events such as the World Padel Tour or Madrid Horse Week already had this solution, as well as the Valladolid or Huesca stadiums


The Gopick platform has increased average ticket sales in stadiums such as Nuevo Zorilla in Valladolid and events such as Madrid Horse Week by up to 30 percent, and in the coming months it will announce its presence in more LaLiga Santander and SmartBank fields, it announced in a statement.

The sports industry has a great weight in the Spanish economy thanks to the innumerable sporting events and the facilities of the clubs. In Valladolid alone, more than 300 events are held that generate more than 50 million euros annually, according to the Valladolid City Council and the CEOE.

According to the INE, in 2022 the turnover of the sports industry presented its highest growth since 2002, increasing more than 20 percent. Likewise, the 2022 Yearbook estimates that the hospitality sector will register growth in 2023 above GDP, around 5 and 7 percent.

In this sense, the Gopick technological solution allows users to order and pay for the drinks they want from their mobile phone in large venues and massive events such as sports.

His first appearance in the sports world dates back to 2019 in the World Padel Tour and Madrid Horse Week. Since then, Gopick has become a companion in this type of event, having entered different areas of the sport such as ski resorts such as Sierra Nevada.

In football, the company has been present since its inception at the Santo Domingo del Alcorcón Stadium until the stoppage due to COVID. Likewise, since the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, its presence has extended to Nuevo José Zorrilla in Valladolid and El Alcoraz, in Huesca.

The service offered by Gopick enhances the fan experience by allowing them to order and pay anytime, anywhere from their mobile and schedule the order even before arriving at the stadium. Likewise, consumers can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts.

“Sports is a key sector for Gopick, it is where we started and where we want to be a benchmark. Sport brings together large concentrations of people and offers a restaurant service that currently has many shortcomings. With a digitization of the service such as the one that Gopick allows, it is possible unleash its full potential and exponentially improve the fan experience,” said Miguel San Antonio, founder and CEO of Gopick.