The goalkeeper Sergio Rico leaves the hospital three months after his serious accident: “I am very emotional”

With a smile from ear to ear, Sergio Rico He left the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville this Friday. The PSG goalkeeper had been admitted since May 28 after suffering a fall from the horse he was riding in El Rocío, Huelva.

Excited, he attended the media at the doors of the health center. “They say the brain is intelligent and erases these kinds of events. It was a dream. I woke up in the hospital and thank God I’m out,” he said.

During all this time, the goalkeeper has been accompanied by his family, closest friends, and above all by his wife, Alba Silva. “I feel very emotional, very happy. I thank my wife, my family, everyone who has been here… She has spent 20 hours a day with me. I am very grateful and without her support it would not have been possible” he added.

Now, the 29-year-old athlete has a long recovery ahead of him. “The aneurysm is controlled but we must maintain a few more months of calm, calm, to continue recovering, thank God at home, after so long. Keeping calm, everything controlled and following the footsteps of the doctors, which is the most important thing “, has explained.

Before going home, he also thanked the health personnel: “The nurses, assistants, like the doctors, the surgeons… They are professionals like the top of a pine tree, and despite being in the hospital we have felt at home at all times. Thank you for the effort and dedication you have had with me and that we have felt it day by day and it is appreciated”.