Malú speaks out after the photos of Albert Rivera having fun with other women: “I assume it in the best possible way”

After four years together and a daughter in common, Albert Rivera y Little one They put an end to their relationship. The break was confirmed at the end of July, but rumors of a crisis and a rift between the two had been haunting them for months.

while the singer enjoy a few days off on the beaches of Cádiz with your littlethe former leader of Ciudadanos has been seen having fun with various women in Ibiza.

First, the Catalan lawyer starred in a well-known cover of the magazine Lectures next to the actress Aysha Daraaui, who literally ate his ear in full dip in the Mediterranean, as seen in the photographic report of the weekly.

This Wednesday, Rivera was again on the cover, this time of the magazine Week, with the image of his snog with a blonde designer aboard a yacht. Is about Carla Cotterli and is 35 years old. However, according to Tamara Beaniea friend of the former politician, these images say nothing, because Albert “does not have a girlfriend.”

“Everyone has to make their life in the best way without hurting anyone, and I think that he is doing it like anyone else. He is enjoying himself and that’s it. Carla is not his partner as such. I don’t know how long from now to It is not known, but today, as far as I know, no”, has assured the ex-wife of Ezekiel Garay.

Malú pronounces on her break with Albert Rivera

In full update, Malú has granted an interview to the magazine ELLE and has talked about his break with Rivera. “I am not and I will not be the first nor the last person to separate. Sometimes, you believe in something and you fight for it with all your might. But sometimes it doesn’t happen. And it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s not bad or good, it just happens,” explains the artist.

“You have to try to understand it and assume it in the best possible way. I really think that things have to be done well, although obviously it is much easier to start a relationship than to get out of it. But when you leave a place you should remember how you got in. And that, surely, helps you forget why you’re leaving and go through the door with the good things in your head,” he admits.

Although their relationship has not worked out, the interpreter of black and white He affirms that he continues to believe in love: “Always, but not only in what you can feel towards a partner, but in love for the family, for life, for children… I believe in the purity of love. There are those who says that a mother is capable of lifting a truck if her son is under it. That sentence already says it all. Love moves the world”.