The German press doubts that Bayern will win by exchanging Gnabry for Dembélé

the future of Ousmane Dembele It will continue to give rise to speculation as long as it is not known for sure where he will play from next season. While the FC Barcelona has tried, so far unsuccessfully, to get a positive response to the extension of a contract that expires in just over a month, the French international winger’s list of suitors has expanded to Bayern Munich. The difficulties of Bayern to renew the contract of Serge Gnabry, which ends in 2023, is leading him to consider an immediate transfer and a possible substitution for Dembélé. In Germany, however, the specialized press is not at all clear that Bayern will win with this change of cards.

Bild, a reference medium in Germany, wonders if Dembélé would be “really” a good signing after in recent years “he has caused more headlines than goals.”

“Can Dembélé help Bayern in something?” he asked Bild. In a positive sense, he admitted that before signing for Barça for 140 million euros, “when he played for Borussia Dortmund, was a bomb that inspired the entire Bundesliga, with 10 goals and 22 assists in the 2016-17 season”, but in the negative section they already take him into account that “he suddenly stopped showing up for training, finally he declared himself in ‘ strike’ and went to FC Barcelona”. “There he did not become the expected superstar. Injuries crippled him and there were repeated reports of his poor diet and his almost chronic tardiness,” he recounted.

In his assessment, Bild reproached him that “by potential, Dembélé could be a superstar at the highest level of Bayern”, but in 149 official games in Barcelona he only contributed 32 goals and 34 assists.” “By way of comparison, Serge Gnabry, he scored 64 goals and 40 assists in 171 official matches during his time at Bayern.” “Should I really change that for the risk with Dembélé…?”, he concluded as a final reflection.

Interestingly, according Catalunya Ràdio, Mateu Alemany y jordi cruyffexecutives responsible for FC Barcelona’s sports policy, asked a few weeks ago about Gnabry’s situation, especially thinking about the summer of 2023.

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