Last day for candidates for the presidency of the League

This Friday May 20 is the last business day of the five given by the Higher Sports Council for the nominations to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the new Women’s Professional Soccer League. Beatriz Alvarez Mesaformer player, former coach and former president of Oviedo Moderno, remains the favorite for the election by having the support of the majority of the clubs.

as confirmed AS last April, the Asturian has the approval of around a dozen clubsso the presentation of the four minimum endorsements required by the CSD for the official registration of the candidacy would not have been a problem for her.

The other existing pre-candidacies were those of lto the exporter of Athletic and the National Team Ainhoa ​​Tirapu and Dolores Martelli, who was director of women’s football at the RFEF; and that of María Teixidor and Reyes Bellver, former Barça manager and president of the ‘Leadership Woman Football’ platform, respectively.

Once the application registration period closes today, it will be known which ones would participate in the elections or if there would already be an ‘unofficial’ president for a possible unique candidacy that meets the requirements to lead the new Professional Women’s Soccer League.