The full statement of Alves’s alleged victim: “He grabbed me by the neck and started slapping me”

Ten months are about to pass since the entry into provisional prison of Dani Alves for the alleged sexual assault that occurred at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona in the early hours of December 30 to 31. Pending the trial date, the young woman’s full statement has come to light, that she was 23 years old when the events occurred.

This is a statement made on January 20, twenty days after the complaint was filed against the former Barça and Mexican Pumas player: “He was behind me, I had my cousin in front of me. Then I remember that he moved away and He made a gesture as if I should go towards him. Until at the end I thought, talk to him and see what he wants, and I didn’t think anything else.”

The young woman continued: “I went there to talk to him. I never knew where he was going. I remember going where he was. But I didn’t know nor could I imagine where he was taking me.” Next, they came to the bathroom in the living room: “So, we got there and it was a door, he opened it and I went in, and when I went in I saw what I was getting into, I saw that it was a tiny sink, I saw that it was very, very tiny, I think that was when my shock began.“.

This is how he told the events before the authorities: “Later I remember that he sat down and I started to tell him: I have to go, I have to go. I remember he lifted my dress and made me sit on it.. I remember telling him: I can’t. And he started telling me a lot of things. He insisted that I had to tell him that I was his little whore and from that moment on I remember resisting.. She pulled up my dress and made me sit on top of her.”

And he sentenced: “He hurt my knee and I was left with a wound… He tried to get me to perform fellatio on him. I kept moving away until he grabbed me by the neck and started slapping me.“. A few months ago, the young woman’s statement in front of a police force at the Sutton nightclub after the possible sexual assault also came to light.

Daniel Alves could spend up to 12 years in prison if he is finally found guilty of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl in the bathrooms of a nightclub in Barcelona. The footballer is in provisional detention in Brians 2 prison. Since his entry into prison in January, Alves had not had use of his social networks until a few days ago, when the Brazilian used his Instagram account to congratulate his son’s birthday. daughter Victoriawho turned 16 years old.

However, Dinorah Santana, his first wife, announced legal measures against the Brazilian full-back and assured that she is very upset. So much so that he sent a statement: “Dani Alves, currently imprisoned in Barcelona, ​​showed affection towards his daughter in his publication, despite historically being an absent father. Dani Alves has a history of absences even during important moments in his life. his daughter”.

Dinorah will take the necessary legal measures to protect her daughter and safeguard her emotional integrity and reputation. On the other hand, this weekend Alves also received the news that the player has won from the Treasury from prison and will recover the two million euros that they demanded from him for image rights. As to Joana Sanzit must be remembered that the model, his current wife, paralyzed the divorce proceedings.