The full message that Rodolfo Sancho sent to the Arrieta family: “I am devastated, there is no excuse or forgiveness for what my son has done”

Six weeks have passed since Daniel Sancho pleaded guilty to the crime of Edwin Arrieta, whom he dismembered on the island of Koh Panghan. The investigation is practically closed and the Colombian surgeon’s sister has just visited Spain to ask for justice. Darling has taken advantage of her intervention in the media to confirm that Rodolfo Sancho He sent him a message of condolences, something he had denied until now.

He received it just two days after Thai police found Edwin’s mortal remains in a landfill. The number was unknown, so he did not give veracity to the sender: “I did not want to say it because I did not know if it had actually been him. Once here, in Spain, it has been verified and the number corresponds to Rodolfo Sancho,” he said.

Darling wanted to thank the protagonist of plastic sea his condolences: “I thank Rodolfo and accept his condolences. God will take care of all this. Furthermore, I will tell my parents that the message is from Mr. Rodolfo Sancho.” And he added: “They are parents who are also suffering. The doors of my house are open to them.”

Rodolfo’s message, an excerpt of which was already published a few weeks ago, is absolutely heartbreaking: “Hello Darling, I am Rodolfo Sancho, father of Daniel Sancho, first of all I want to offer my deepest condolences to you and all your family, my soul is with you,” he begins. “I have no words to express the pain I feel with this situation, I don’t even want to imagine what you are feeling. You don’t know how sorry I am, I am devastated”.

The interpreter tries to find an explanation for what happened but condemns Daniel: “It is obvious that my son had some type of psychotic break or that he had some mental illness that had never surfaced. But, without a doubt, there is no excuse or forgiveness for what he has done”, sentence. “I preferred to write instead of calling for fear that it wasn’t the best time. If you want us to talk, I’m at your disposal at this number. I am devastated and heartbroken. I hope that sooner or later you find peace in your hearts, I don’t know if I will find it again. Again, my deepest condolences to his entire family. I am speechless. I remain at your disposal, I am speechless. RS”.