The four Valencianists immune to the plague of injuries




Parejo, Wass, Jaume Domenech and Correia are the only footballers who have not gone through the infirmary this tamporada. They were Costa and Ferran, who despite suffering ailments, no match was lost due to injury

Wass embraces Parejo after scoring the second goal that gave Valencia the victory against Betis.

Seventh, with 41 points and four of the goal: fourth place. In a tight league where only Real Madrid and Barça have managed to open the gap, Valencia is still active despite dragging a ballast that reduces its performance since the beginning of the season: the lesions.

Of the 25 players of the first squad that Albert Celades has under his command, 21 have gone through the infirmary and they have lost some game. The last to fall has been Maxi Gomez, who broke the fifth metatarsal of the left foot In the match against Betis, he will go through the operating room tomorrow and will be on leave for at least a month.

Four are the only players immune to the plague of injuries suffered by the Valencian costumes, ranging from muscular to traumatic ailments to very rare diseases such as chicken pox. They have not gone through nursing yet Dani Parejo, Wass, Jaume Domenech and Thierry Correia, which barely has minutes of play.

The captain has been irreducible for two seasons and only leaves the eleven holder by penalty. In fact, it is a yellow card of having to rest by obligation. Who is also giving extraordinary performance is Daniel Wass, converted to the right side since Piccini's injury and despite the signing of Florenzi. The idea of ​​Celades advance it to rearm the center of the field was postponed first by the expulsion of the Italian and then by the chicken pox that has had him separated from the team two weeks.

In case of Jaume Domenech In addition to not having had any ailment, he has established himself in the goal due to Jasper Cillessen's hip problems.

Two more players are added to these four who, although they have gone through the infirmary, have not lost any match due to injury. It is the case of Jaume Costa, which suffered an overload and, although he did not play against Villarreal as a precaution, the club did not even issue a medical part.

The other case is Ferran Torres, who suffered a bone injury in his left foot during a training after the Spanish Super Cup that set off the alarms. However, he finally recovered so quickly that he could start against Mallorca and play 44 minutes.

With Gameiro and Nephew

Maxi's injury makes him overcome thirty this season and leaves Celades with Kevin Gameiro, which has fallen several times in recent months with muscle problems, and Ruben Nephew as the only attack men waiting for Rodrigo Moreno to overcome the knee ailments he has been dragging since early 2020.

The Valencian technician will have to choose to place the Frenchman on top with Guedes, Ferran or even Soler as hooks.

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