Real Madrid and Eden Hazard, after many conversations and consultations with different specialists, decided definitively this weekend that the Belgian be operated. Eden suffered a fissure in the right distal fibula on February 22 that put the rest of his season at risk and the parties have seen this as the ideal solution when it is understood that it is the best in the long term.

As the journalist Edu Pidal advanced in Zero Wave, Hazard will go to the operating room this week, Thursday. To do this, the attacker will fly with Niko Mihic, head of the medical services of the club, to Dallas, where he will go to the Carrell Clinic. The player still does not know who will be in charge of the operation, although he is confident of the zeal with which Madrid has dealt with the matter.

The figure of Dr. Daniel Cooper, a Madrid consultant who works in it and is the medical officer of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, has been key to the choice of the clinic. His specialty, however, is the shoulders, so he will not be directly responsible for the operation. It could be Eugene Curry, surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, who in the basketball franchise operated the German Dirk Nowitzki on the ankle in April 2018.

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Hazard's withdrawal period is now fully conditioned to the intervention. There is talk of about two months, and the hope of Madrid and its galactic is that it can wear the white shirt in some game at the end of this course. Further, Eden's idea is to reach the European Championship, a vision that they share since their selection, which has been aware of each novelty after misfortune. In fact, coach Roberto Martínez has attended the Bernabéu twice this week, following live matches against City and Barcelona.

In any case, Hazard will use on this occasion a route already seen in the past in Madrid. Van Nistelrooy operated on his knee in 2008 with Dr. Steadman in Colorado and Higuain traveled to Chicago to go through the hands of Dr. Richard G. Fessler because of an annoying and painful hernia in the back.

So that, This will be the second surgery in the Hazard area, who in June 2017, in a training with Belgium, suffered a fractured right ankle whereby Kris van Crombrugge, a doctor from Belgium, operated on him in London and placed a titanium plate.