The former Zaragoza who remembers when they eliminated Madrid 6-1!

Next Wednesday you will live in La Romareda an exciting encounter between the Saragossa and the Real Madrid, and as many qualify, it will be a “First” meeting. A duel to move to the rooms of the Copa del Rey and that both teams will fight despite having important league commitments to the day. Although the whole of Zidane comes with an advantage, nobody trusts what can happen, because in the memory of Madrid players there is still the defeat in 2006 by 6-1 in the semifinals of this same competition, a match that perfectly reminds Diego Milito

We made a perfect match. Only in this way is it explained that we won 6-1 at Madrid, in a Cup semifinal and against some extraordinary players. That day was a collective victory. I was the protagonist, because four goals are not scored every day and less to Madrid, but the whole team played a superlative match: Cani, Celades, the defense … “he starts remembering Milito when asked about that historic night in the Saragossa. (DC News: Ramos and Zidane's talk overlooking Zaragoza)Although the Real Madrid is favorite in the duel, in La Romareda They hope for what might happen: “It's been 14 years and the circumstances are not the same. Zaragoza is now in Segunda and Madrid has a superlative team. But I hope that Zaragoza takes out its special mystique and its spirit but I am sure that Madrid respects a lot to Zaragoza, although now in Second. “

As for the forecast, Diego Milito He is sincere and ensures that “The tie is a match and hopefully Zaragoza can win and get into the quarterfinals. Madrid is a super team and is a favorite, but in football everything is possible. ”