The forceful reaction of Piqué’s father to Shakira’s ruthless attack in her song: “Bailando con lobas”

Shakira It has something for everyone. Yes in Session 53 was dispatched at ease with Gerard Piquécon Clara Chia and with her former mother-in-law (“You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury”), in her new song she has launched a devastating blow to Joan Piqueto the grandfather of his children.

“There is no evil that lasts more than a hundred years, but my ex-father-in-law is still there and does not set foot in a grave,” he says in The bosshis new work with the regional Mexican music group Fuerza Rígida.

After this devastating phrase, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez revealed in their podcast what Joan’s reaction was. The father of the former Barça footballer has spoken in a certain way about it through his WhatsApp statuses, where he has shared the poster of the film Dancing with Wolves.

“In his WhatsApp status it says ‘Dancing with wolves’ and the photograph is the film. But listen to me, Piqué’s father dancing with wolves… Applying a sense of humor at the very least,” the journalists have pointed out. Shakira is also known as “La Loba” after her famous 2009 song.

After releasing this song, Shakira has also given an interview to Billboard in which he talks about his personal process with Piqué: “My biggest dream was to raise my children with their father, have a family. Overcome problems, obstacles… and grow old next to someone. I already know that that is not possible.” I’m going to have (…) I believed in ‘until death do us part,'” he lamented.