The 'forbidden' images of Antonia Dell'Atte in King Juan Carlos's Fortuna: “It was one of Queen Sofia's greatest annoyances”

Due to the controversy of Ana Obregon and the Aless Lequio Foundation, presented exclusively by Informaliathe eternal war between the actress and Antonia Dell'Atte.

The name of the Italian is on the lips of the chatters, who have taken advantage of the moment to remember another story related to the model. “I firsthand witnessed a possible cover that disappears. I'm talking about purchased photos”has released Lorena Vazquez this tuesday in Public mirror.

Gema Lopez has gone into details: “There are images of Antonia Dell'Atte getting on the Fortuna in Palma de Mallorca. It was said that this was one of Queen Sofia's greatest annoyances.”. This is the boat that Felipe VI's father used with the queen herself, her children, important political figures or figures from other Royal Houses.

Vázquez, who did his work at street level, explained: “King Juan Carlos I know was on that ship. I don't know what happened, I don't know and I don't care… But we [los paparazzi] We made images of how it went up and down. Juan Carlos was on the boat. We took the photographs from very far away so that they were not aware.” The journalist has invited the viewers to each draw their own conclusions from her: “The news is not that he visited the king, the news is that a media outlet removed the images”.

It is not the first time that this curious story has been talked about on television sets. Save mein the summer of 2020, already delved into this episode. Laura Fa He explained that the story took place in the year 2000: “They saw a woman arrive and it was Antonia, she was there for two hours, she came out, they took the photos again and they never saw the light”. The paparazzi Gustavo Gonzalez He also spoke then of “a real summer”.