The footballer and tempter with whom Anabel Pantoja drowns all her sorrows in Mexico: Yulen doesn’t even remember Calvary

The pantojita girl enjoys her bachelorhood in style. Here and there, and there and here. She has recently been in Mexico enjoying a work trip for influencers and there she has been photographed having a great time with a soccer player and former contestant on the island of temptations.

Lectures He takes it out on his cover of this Wednesday very smiling with samuel chavezwhich has 190,000 followers on Instagram, far from the almost two million fans it has Anabel Pantoja in the social network of posturing.

However, Samuel accumulates enough followers to be invited to trips of this type, where he rubs shoulders with other characters who earn a living through social networks. In the photos they appear soaking up the good temperatures, the sun and the mysterious water, while they show off their amazing bodies in a bikini and bathing suit. Who was an influencer…

Chávez played in the CD Laguna SAD and participated in the famous reality show of tempting and singles on Telecinco, where he became known among the followers of the program. This trip, which lasted a week, was also shared with other faces known as Alba Carillo and other colleagues from the same program, who witnessed the chemistry between the two.

Anabel and Samuel already knew each other, as Kiko Rivera’s cousin began collaborating on the Sandra Barneda program in October 2022, when Samuel participated in the program, in its sixth edition. However, on the trip they got to know each other better and, judging by the photos in the weekly, they had a really, really good time. A smile and joy with good friends and acquaintances is not bad for Anabel, especially after the ordeal she suffered with the fencer Yulen Pereira. The two broke up permanently in February, and these months have not been easy.