The flag of the Centennial of Alavés already flies in Mendizorrotza

The flag with the shield of the Centenary of the Sports
Alaves already flutters in Mendizorrotza after the captains Manu
Garcia, Fernando
Pacheco Y Victor
The guard, together with the president albiazul, Alfonso
Trocóniz, will raise the symbol this Friday in an act marked by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

The Vitorian institution continues with the events related to its centenary, which will be celebrated on January 23, 2021, and after starting the clock with the countdown until that date so marked among the Alava fans, this Friday it has taken another new symbolic gesture without followers.

In a small event, conditioned by the health circumstances and the safety protocols related to the Covid-19, we proceeded to replace the old flag that was raised on the occasion of the 99th anniversary, with the new banner of the babazorro club with the new shield in the center.

Trocóniz explained that it is “a very beautiful symbolic act, which indicates that the important date is approaching”, while Fernando
Pacheco He described the moment as “very special”, especially for those who have been with the club for a long time.

The flag with the Deportivo Alavés Centennial shield is already flying in Mendizorrotza.
The flag with the Deportivo Alavés Centennial shield is already flying in Mendizorrotza.

Garcia regretted the “cold” of an act devoid of fans. “We feel close to them and hopefully soon we can do something similar with people”, wished the man from Vitoria, who said that “it is a new symbol that unites everyone.”

Likewise, Victor
The guard He was very happy to continue “adding historical moments with the club”, although he assumed that it was “sad” and also remembered the fans. “It is important that they continue to be excited about the team,” he said.