Real Madrid-Huesca Hazard is here

Hazard scored a goal, the first in more than a year, and Vinicius' first intervention in the match was an assist to Benzema. So the after-dinner was pleasant for Madrid, who before the break He was already looking at Inter out of the corner of his eye. Every Zidane change was an indication of what his plan is for Tuesday. Take note of the ones you removed (Lucas Vázquez, Valverde, Casemiro, Asensio and Hazard) and you will have half a team. The other means is even easier to find out. Huesca started both halves well and then faded away. He has better intentions than finishers.

The couples therapy that Zidane recommended after hearing Benzema's unusual strategy to put Vinicius out of work had the expected outcome. The French in the field and the Brazilian in the stands. Vinicius has not entered Zidane's eye. He is a spare player and with the added burden that the great signing of the last two years plays exactly where he likes it and it turns out that now he seems recovered after fifteen months of active convalescence. So Zidane did not wait any longer and put Hazard, who is lagging behind his reputation and his salary, although he began to pay his debt. And, scared, the Frenchman reduced the rotation to a minimum: Marcelo for Mendy (the Brazilian has only been for minor appointments for a long time) and Militao for Varane, who had played it all. Above there are no real alternatives given the figures for Rodrygo, Jovic and Mariano.

The napping

The matter began as usual in recent times: minutes of extreme dullness and a serious visitor notice, when Rafa Mir, one of those strikers whose trajectory inexplicably slows down, beat Militao a sprint and shot into the side of the net. Ordered in a 4-3-3 this time, Huesca was as they paint it: a team with middle-class airs, although the table places them on the outskirts. He does not turn his back on the ball, on the contrary, and is ambitious in pressure. The left-handed Mosquera, with a long career in the white quarry, pulls the strings and the rest unfolds with good sense. Mosquera is the team's instruction book: a clean ball out and a decided bet on combinative football. The goal is something else. There he goes in newly promoted numbers.

In front he found a Madrid with very low activity in the beginning. Nobody played space, nobody started the circulation. Without Kroos, the chancellor of the center of the field, it is difficult for Madrid to put that music. Huesca anticipated each of those heavy movements that often ended with centers to the area without profit.

The super goal

It took him 26 minutes to finish off for the first time on goal, with a header from Ramos in the forward position. Do not rule out that your passage there is no longer temporary. And he found a quick response from Huesca: Sergio Gómez finished off, very forced, a fantasy pass from Ontiveros. And then the Hazard who signed Madrid appeared, to get a goal out of nowhere. A bit of birlibirloque. He took the ball 20 meters from the goal of Huesca, he prepared it with his right and he sent an unstoppable howitzer with his left for which there was no response. The very brief celebration was almost as inexplicable as the auction: He had not marked for 392 days and he celebrated it with the enthusiasm of someone who receives a request from the Treasury. The game is finished there. Five minutes later, Benzema killed a Lucas Vázquez cross with his chest and crossed it with the elegance that accompanies his career. The 2-0 that Madrid needed to close the LaLiga filing cabinet and open the Champions League filing cabinet, which it has skidded into.

Michel made one last attempt putting his two best band players, Ferreiro and Javi Galán, after the break and then to Sandro, to double his attack, but the game had already gone to Huesca. More after the third white goal, an invention of Benzema, who made the ball fly like a drone from side to side of the area to that Valverde crossed it to the net with a merciless right hand.

With an eye on Inter

Zidane also ended the game. He removed Lucas Vázquez, the only one suitable to play right back, a bandage before the injury, and put Vinicius by Hazard. The matter had its joke. The Brazilian's first ball, won by sprinting, it concluded with a great assist to Benzema, who finished off the bitten ball. An imperfect reconciliation but the realization that the Brazilian plays with him and not against him. Huesca consoled himself with Ferreiro's goal, in a play concocted by Sandro and Rafa Mir, Benzema improved his record with another goal and Rodrygo left some note of what he wants to be and still is not. From the stands Jovic saw everything, who is not even for the minutes of bathing and massage.


Ferreiro (45 ', Sergio Gómez), Javi galán (45 ', Javi Ontiveros), Ferland mendy (51 ', Lucas Vázquez), Sandro (56 ', Kelechi Nwakali), Eugeni (56 ', Borja García), Vinicius Junior (59 ', Hazard), Isco (59 ', Federico Valverde), Kroos (68 ', Casemiro), Gaston Silva (82 ', Luisinho)


1-0, 39 ': Hazard, 2-0, 44 ': Benzema, 3-0, 53 ': Federico Valverde, 3-1, 73 ': Ferreiro, 4-1, 89 ': Benzema


Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Siovas (78 ', Yellow) Sandro (87 ', Yellow