The Finetwork Liga F presents the match ‘Goals for Equality’ in “an explosive moment”


The president of the Finetwork Liga F, Beatriz Álvarez Mesa, presented this Thursday at the Puerta América Hotel in Madrid the fourth edition of the ‘Goles for Equality by Finetwork Liga F’ match, the great women’s football party that will be held on the 28th December at the GOfit Vallehermoso Municipal Pavilion, under the slogan ‘Without F, football is not spelled the same’.

“F football and women’s football, but also strength, fans, faith, happiness and fair play. These events help give visibility to women’s football. Nothing and nobody is going to stop us. We are in an explosive moment, on the crest of the wave. There are too many people for anyone to stop us,” the president stressed during her speech.

Also participating in the event were the Atlético de Madrid soccer players Lola Gallardo, Maitane López and Eva Navarro, as well as the Madrid CFF players Paola Ulloa, Rachael Kundananji, Cristina Librán, Sandra Villafañe and Marina Rivas, these last three brand new world champions Sub-17 with the Spanish team.

“Hopefully in a few years we won’t have to celebrate goals for equality but only goals. The girls behind come very strong. We have taken many steps. We forget sometimes, but we have had to go through a lot, just the fact that they televise the games is already a lot”, affirmed the captain of Atlético de Madrid.

For her part, Paola Ulloa stressed the importance of “visibility” when it comes to publicizing a hitherto unknown part of football. “You have to keep taking steps. Visibility is the most important thing. The change of being able to televise the matches is the most important thing. That fight comes from a long way back. When I arrived I was much better than what they found ten years ago,” he pointed.

Although they are part of the new generations of women’s football, the world champions also recognized the importance of the path they have to follow. “It’s something they started but we are going to continue working so that this becomes normal. Now they no longer look at you with a strange face when you say you play football,” said the Madrid CFF player, Marina Rivas.

Lastly, the General Director of Sports for the Community of Madrid, Fernando Benzo, closed the event and stressed Madrid’s commitment to women’s football. “The Community of Madrid will always be involved in whatever it takes to promote women’s football. I hope that December 28 will not only be April Fool’s Day, but with this initiative such as ‘Goles for Equality by Finetwork Liga F’ is also the day of women’s football”, he concluded.

The meeting, organized by G2O Publisport, will consist of two games with which they want to launch an awareness message against discrimination based on gender: a previous one for mixed children’s 5-a-side football teams and, the main course, ‘Goals for the Equality’. Unlike previous editions, the match will face two teams of players from the F League for the first time.