“The fibromyalgia I suffer from is very complicated and the bad days are very bad”

María José Campanario She blew out candles this Tuesday in the best way: surrounded by her family and with the unconditional support of her husband, Jesulín de Ubriquewho has publicly congratulated her with a message of love: “One of many unforgettable days. Happy birthday”. She herself affirms that she is living one of the best moments of her life and she wanted to share it in the program And now Sonsoles: “Today I forgot about my cell phone. We didn’t have a big celebration, we went for a family walk and little else.”

As in love with her husband as the first day, Campanario has assured that Jesús is a very attentive man with her in her daily life and not only in special moments: “Jesus brings me breakfast in bed every morning, not just for my birthday.”. He has recognized that the good moment he is experiencing now is something he has deserved for a long time: “I am very happy. You know that I do not talk about these things for your privacy, but I am very happy. I am in a wonderful moment in my life. “I feel fine, with my bad days, but it was time, it was time, I think I deserved it.”. In addition, he has made it clear that there is nothing of a sentimental crisis at all: “We have been there for 23 years, but tomorrow they will say it and the day after that again. We are already used to it and in the end life is not that, it is not what others say, it is what one pass and live. If I had to be aware of every time they said that we have separated, I would not have a moment for myself or moments where you see me dancing and smiling.

Despite this, María José has acknowledged that in all these years of marriage there have been crises, although they have not coincided with those reported in the press: “You have never been right when there has been talk of a crisis between us, there were always rumors that he was unfaithful to me. Of course there have been crises, but I have told them”. And he added: “When I went to study abroad, There were people from his environment, mind you, his professional environment, which is quite sexist, who got on his nerves and he didn’t like her being away. There was no crisis, but he didn’t want me to leave. He is a super intelligent man and over time he ended up understanding it and supported me.”

Although the right-hander’s wife is very aware of the media impact that her family has, she has confessed that the pressure has forced them to set limits: “We are public people, but you cannot say everything that has been said. You cannot learn to live with this, I refuse to be forced to live with certain things. I know that I have lent myself on more than one occasion and that is why I consider myself a public figure, but not everything goes.” Stronger than ever on a psychological level, María José believes that they have been very hard on her: “Now there is a lot of talk mental health, but I was not respected, very serious things have been said about me. “I drew strength from my husband, from Jesus, and thank goodness I have had him and my family.”

María José has also spoken about fibromyalgia, the disease she has been living with for more than a decade: “The fibromyalgia that I suffer from is very complicated and happens to many people, that’s why I wanted to give a voice to the disease. It can lead you to depression, of course. It led me to lock myself away and have depression, but I don’t want to be an example of anything. I am very lucky that others are not.” He has learned to live with the pain it causes him but he does not plan to give up on a full life: “I want to continue working, I love my job and it took me a lot of effort to get my degree.”