Backpacks, water or perfume: everything you can bring (and what you can’t) to the Taylor Swift concert in Madrid

Madrid is in effervescence after the arrival of Taylor Swift. The artist offers two concerts at the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium on the 29th and 30th, two performances integrated into her great world tour The Eras Tour that Spanish fans have been waiting for a whole year. The show, which lasts more than three hours, will be a display of music and effects in which he will review songs from his entire musical career, 45 to be exact, which are divided into 10 different acts. The security deployment in the capital is stratospheric and the regulations to maintain order in the stadium are very rigid. If you are a ‘swiftie’, take note and don’t be scared: this is what you can do and what you can’t.

The official website published this Tuesday the list of objects prohibited on the premises and there are quite a few:

Suitcases of more than 10 liters.

Briefcases, bags, luggage or handbags bigger than a cloth bag.

Cards or posters with a size greater than A3.

Sound objects and helmets.

Mobile objects and mobility items (electric scooters, roller skates, skateboards or baby strollers).

Clothing or accessories that may impede the vision of other attendees.

Alcoholic beverages.

Glass, hard plastic, wood or metal containers of any kind.

Aerosols, perfumes and smoke.

Illegal or dangerous objects or products (weapons, drugs, sharp objects).

Crutches without medical certificate.

Professional cameras and photographic equipment.

Video cameras, GoPro, audio recording devices and tripods.

Electronic devices (laptops, tablets, digital readers or iPads).

Drones or unmanned aerial vehiclesunder sanction or arrest of the pilot.

What you can take

Drinking is allowed but limited. You can only bring one plastic bottle per person, a maximum of 50 centiliters. They will also force you to remove the cap.

Los bags and backpacks They will also be able to enter but must adhere to measurements that do not exceed 44 centimeters high, 22 cm long and 15 cm deep. In addition, they may only have a maximum of two internal compartments.

As for the recording devicesonly personal mobile phones will be allowed access.

You can take tobacco, lighter or vaper, but keep in mind that smoking is completely prohibited inside the premises. The penalty for non-compliance entails immediate expulsion.