The executive director of Serie A: “Mbappé’s contract is absolute evil”

The executive director of the Italian Serie A League, Luigi De Siervo, assured that Frenchman Kylian Mbappé’s new contract with PSG “is absolute evil.” “What happened in Paris with Mbappé’s new contract is not good, it is absolute evil. We must be attentive to this type of thing,” De Siervo declared on Italian radio ‘Rai Gr Parliament’.

“If there are clubs in football that continue to pay such bombastic figures, the system will always remain unsustainable, guided only by the logic of those who have more money.especially for companies owned by states and not by individual entrepreneurs,” added the Italian president.

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

De Siervo gave as a good example the path that Milan, brand new league champion, is taking: “Milan’s club model is healthy and reasoned growth., with specific and planned investments. Fortunately, more and more directors are entering football prepared.”

The executive director of Serie A also addressed the issue of piracy in Italy and how this prevents the league from growing and competing with the English Premier. “We all have to do our part. When we hear people talk about piracy and illegal ways of watching matches, we have to ask them to stop. Piracy robs Italian football of more than 300 million a year, resources that would be reserved for our clubs. This sad history of Italians who are always smarter than others must end: in reality we are a country of freeloaders, something unacceptable from a civil point of view,” he said.

“We have to improve abroad, because everyone wants the first championship on the list, the Premier, which twenty years ago decided to work together in the stadiums and in the football product in general. It takes time, there are no shortcuts“, he sentenced.