The ex-husband of Queen Letizia, awarded for his new novel

Alonso Guerrero He turns 60 on November 12. The writer from Extremadura and also a professor of Language and Literature, husband of Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano Between 1998 and 1999, he won the International Prize for Legal Novels from the Illustrious Bar Association of Granada, with Happy women are a chimera.

It is endowed with 9,000 euros and the title will be published before the end of this year by the Almuzara publishing house, that of the former Minister of Labor Manuel Pimentel. It is the same publisher that also published his previous novel in 2018, Penny Ronbinson’s lovein which he deals with the transformation of a man with a quiet life into a victim of media harassment just for having married a young woman who would later become queen of Spain.

The message could not be clearer: Alonso Guerrero was talking about himself and the interest his person aroused, when the magazine What do you saythe same day that the marital commitment of the presenter of the Newscast and the only son of Juan Carlos I was known, published that she was divorced and brought to light the identity and photographs of Alonso kissing Letizia.

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However, the Extremaduran author exaggerates when he assures (in the novel) that he suffered tremendous persecution by the press. It wasn’t like that in real life; It can even be said that the journalists left the ex-husband of the future queen alone when they verified that he was a hermetic man regarding this marriage and very loyal and chivalrous with whom she became the wife of the future king.

Alonso Guerrero is the author of many other novels, he already has a consolidated literary career, but this award means a lot to him: “It represents the support of intelligent people for a writer who has not ceased to be a promise since he published his first narrative and animates as if he were a beginning writer, someone who has the whole ascending part of life ahead of him”, assured the author.

The winning story is a black novel in the best tradition and a description of the world of law, “an area that is the one that best represents the search for truth as a portrait of a society,” he added. the protagonist of Happy women are a chimera He is an atypical policeman who acts on his own and always in strange and complicated cases. The plot takes place in Madrid, between sordid environments and sinister characters, with a surprising ending.

We understand that with an ex like that, a pure intellectual and passionate about literature, Letizia is someone so fond of reading and books, as they tell us.