The ex-girlfriend of Aless Lequio announces a wedding date in the middle of a storm due to the surrogate motherhood of Ana Obregón

Carolina Monkthe young woman who accompanied Aless Lequio until her last day of life, she is full. last december announced her engagement to her current boyfriendbusinessman Alex Loperaand now, in the middle of a hurricane due to the surrogate motherhood of her ex-mother-in-law, Ana ObregonThere is already a date for the big day.

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It will be in October and it will be held on the Costa Brava because it is a place for which Carolina has felt a special devotion since she was little, as her closest environment reveals. The confidential.

Carolina and Aless lived in an apartment in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid and began dating a few months after the young man was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. During that time together they maintained a relationship away from the spotlight because the young designer is very reserved with Your private life. In fact, shortly after Aless died, he deleted the photos in which he appeared from his Instagram profile.

In December 2022, after announcing her engagement, Ana Obregón stopped following her on all social networks. A gesture that was interpreted as survival, since seeing her son’s ex-girlfriend being happy with another person could cause her harm. It is on the air if Monje will rule on the theory that the actress’s surrogacy process could have been carried out with Aless’s frozen sperm.