Joana Sanz takes off her mask with Dani Alves: “She lost her ways cheating on me while my mother was dying”

He publicly assures that he will be next to Dani Alves, He even goes from time to time to see him in jail, but Joana Sanz On her social networks, she speaks loud and clear about what she feels for the man who is her husband up to now and until last December he was the man who occupied her heart, for no less than the last eight years.

They are responses to comments from some of her followers that until now had gone unnoticed, but that make it clear what the model thinks about everything that has happened. “For all those moments shared together, this was not the time to let it drift. I understand your pain and that you do not forgive the betrayal, but I think that they are not the place or the ways,” says a follower in networks.

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And Joana answers: “The place and the forms were lost by him cheating on me while my mother was dying.” And her follower insists: “That moment of weakness or drunkenness, whatever you want to call it, does it erase the above? I am one of those who say that she has made the worst mistake of her life (I am talking about betrayal, the other will be demonstrated), but I think he’s paying a high price for it. And that’s where I see the fragility of feelings. It’s very easy to be in good times, but in bad times it’s where you have to be the most.” “If you read what I wrote correctly, it says it clearly. I am and I will be, but in another way,” the model replies.

“I am very ashamed of your comment”

Another follower questions her again: “Whoever truly loves does not give up in the most difficult moments. You should give him a chance because I followed the story of the two, I know that he loves you more than anyone. But sometimes the man fell lower than you could imagine. I tell you princess: love is forgiving and love overcomes everything.

Joana, of course, is not silent: “Love is not unfaithful to you in the most difficult moments. Real love respects and does not deceive. I think you should review your values ​​and those of your marriage.” And he continues giving his opinion: “Hate and resentment should not exist. I have never had this time of horrible feelings in my heart. That poisons, you harm yourself. You have to fill yourself with beautiful feelings, beautiful memories and forgive what “It hurt us. That’s the way to continue, lightly and with good energy. Everything happens. Life goes on. We can’t give up in the face of adversity.”

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Another comment is much harsher: “You leave him at the worst moment of his life, that is called condemning the person who slept with you.” Joana replies: “I’m very ashamed of your comment. I’m not going to go into more detail.” Another encourages her. “How strong you are, Joana. I’m sure that everything that comes to you is going to be wonderful.” And she replies: “It can’t get any worse”, and she puts a sad face, a bandaged heart and crossed fingers as emoticons.

This is the reality of Joana. The model answers her followers and haters with complete sincerity, something that for the moment has not been done in other public forums. It is evident that she is devastated and hurt with what she already considers her ex. She is very disappointed and broken after her separation, she has ups and downs in her mood but she is taking refuge in her family and friends to also overcome the pain caused by the recent death of her mother her. Even so, she calls attention to the fact that she puts herself as a victim considering that the footballer is in jail accused of rape. A young woman accuses him of allegedly abusing her in a Barcelona nightclub on December 30. Perhaps a reference to the alleged victim of this would have been nice too.