The 11 football tournament will bring together the 8 world champion countries


The Elite Players Group (EPG) organization, promoted by top-level soccer players and businessmen in the sports field, announced this Tuesday in Barcelona the EPG World Cup, a new international competition that will bring together elite players over 35 years of age from 8 World Cup winning countries.

Thus, ex-soccer players and stars from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, France, Spain, England and Argentina will put on their boots again to play this “innovative” EPG World Cup whose venue has yet to be confirmed and revealed.

The first faces of this World Cup for former soccer players were revealed, those of the captains of the different teams: Míchel Salgado (Spain), Steve McManaman (England), Esteban Cambiasso (Argentina), Marco Materazzi (Italy), Émerson (Brazil ), Diego Lugano (Uruguay), Kevin Kuranyi (Germany) and Christian Karembeu (France).

The president of the EPG World Cup and the Elite Players Group, Matias Sarasola, was at the presentation along with the leaders of the participating teams in a competition that promises to “provide a great show” for football lovers.

“The EPG World Cup will be full of enthusiasm and excitement for the fans, as elite footballers will demonstrate that talent and passion know no limits. Spectators will undoubtedly witness how technical excellence endures over time and how the The experience accumulated throughout their careers makes these players true masters of the game”, stated Sarasola.

The EPG World Cup will take place on grass fields, with teams made up of 11 elite players, over 35 years of age. To participate, it will be necessary to have been an absolute international or to have accumulated 100 matches in the highest national category.

“The tournament teams will be made up of athletes who have left an indelible mark on world football and who have the potential to continue putting on a great show,” the organization said.

The format of the competition will be direct elimination duels, with a minimum of one game and a maximum of three games per team. All the matches, which will be played in a single country during the month of December 2023, will consist of two periods of 35 minutes each, with a 15-minute break. In the event of a tie, a penalty shootout of 5 shots per team will be used.