‘Informe Semanal’ makes a triplet: 50th anniversary, the great admiration of Letizia and the National Television Award

It is the great year of the legendary TVE space created five decades ago by Pedro Erquicia. A few weeks ago the queen letizia congratulated all the work teams that had gone through Weekly report throughout 50 years and declared his greatest admiration for a space that bears witness to our history. Now, the National Television Award comes to him, as the Ministry of Culture has made public this Tuesday, May 23.

The jury unanimously recognized the program, on its fiftieth anniversary, for “being a benchmark in its genre and its international projection, highlighting the high quality of its content and professional teams, the introduction of new approaches and formats in journalism television, and the exposure of issues of general interest that have contributed to the debate, social awareness and the defense of democratic values”, reads the note from the ministry. The prize is endowed with 30,000 euros.

“A Summer Substitute”

In the congratulatory video that she sent to the program (it recorded more than 4 million views), the Queen spoke of this space “which for 50 years has helped us understand the world”. He stressed that it was “a summer surrogate over 20 years ago” and slipped: “I tiptoed by with the illusion of seeing that wording up close.” To conclude by saying that Weekly report “It was always the dream of Information Science students (…) We all wanted to be reporters.”