To the difficulties that Leo Messi can find to leave Barcelona, ​​it seems that they are also going to join, as is tradition in the country, those that await him in England. The press, critical by nature with the messiahs from other leagues, assures that the prospect of the Argentine meeting with Pep Guardiola “makes everyone's mouth water”, but that Manchester City “needs more to shore up the defense if they want that the titles arrive ”. The Guardian newspaper, in an opinion column, directly assures that “We must forget about romanticism, bringing Messi and Guardiola together will not improve City”.

An opinion that has already been sounding during the last weeks in the United Kingdom, whereThey wonder if it is not too late, now that Messi has turned 33, to spend such a significant amount of money for him. In addition, they are not very friends with the players who, as The Times points out, go on “strike” to force their exit from a club.

That does not mean, however, that in England it will be rejected, far from it, because they are aware of the leap it would give to the Premier, but They also confirm that both, both Guardiola and Messi, have come from falling dramatically in the Champions League.

The media also highlights the “ruinous” state of the operation, since the chaos that has been generated between Barcelona and the player does not benefit anyone. In fact, ink is also dedicated to the disappointment between both parties after two decades of romance. Between the “unpopular” President Bartomeu, as the Daily Mail catalogs him, and the inexorable passage of time, as The Guardian highlights, they have seen how a threat that came when the Argentine raised his sixth Ballon d'Or: “The end is near.”