The elusive look of Rocío Carrasco upon arrival at the wake of María Teresa Campos

goodbye to Maria Teresa Campos. After five decades in front of the cameras, the precursor of interviews has left a legacy in the world of communication. Celebrities and professionals from the sector have come to the Tres Cantos wake, in Madrid, to say goodbye to her. One of the most anticipated was Rocio Carrascowhich has appeared alongside Fidel Albiac. Rocío has arrived wearing sunglasses, with an averted look and avoiding microphones. She was walking behind her husband, who opened the way for her to enter the wake. Her look, in black, as a sign of mourning, and with a polished bow.

Rocío has arrived minutes before the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. Rocío Jurado’s daughter had her hands in her pockets, her bag hanging over her shoulder, and she walked looking at the ground.

Her husband has been in charge of making his way between the television cameras and the reporters. Rocío, a close friend of the family, has not separated from the Campos sisters in these hard moments of mourning. We also saw her approach the Fundación Jiménez Díaz, in Madrid, where the beloved journalist has been hospitalized since last Sunday.