María Teresa Campos, in its purest form: from the “shivers to the face” with Ana Rosa to the duel of “posh and firecrackers” with Julia Otero

Maria Teresa Campos revolutionized morning shows. It was a real television animal in the best sense of the expression. He dominated the camera, the timing and the rhythm of all his programs. It was looking at the objective and the viewer was trapped in that close way that he had to communicate. A gift that very few presenters have.

His personality was overwhelming and he believed in what he did. He defended that in his program one could talk about the heart, gastronomy, fashion… and also politics, a mixture that was not done on television before. She was the first to open a debate on current affairs in the morning. She was the ‘mother’ of Red Hot, The mornings of Four, Ana Rosa’s program

There is a sequence that explains very well his way of being and his way of doing and defending the television that he liked. María Teresa Campos went to TV3 years ago to the Julia Otero program. At one point in the talk, the latter asked her guest why she decided to “firecracker” (speak from the heart) after addressing more “serious” news topics or interviewing front-line politicians. She did not like her question too much and she Campos answered in the purest Campos style. “What you call ‘firecracker’, I think is being close. It means that you don’t have to be so posh either. Because if you say ‘firecracker’ to me, I’ll say posh to you.”

His piques with Ana Rosa Quintana

An interview with María Teresa Campos never disappointed. And one of the most morbid was the one he gave to Ana Rosa Quintana in 2008 when the rumors of her bad relationship were higher. “Do you dislike me?” Quintana asked Campos. “Of course not,” replied María Teresa. “They did that confrontation when we had nothing to do with it. When I did the morning and you did the afternoon. I don’t know if we are two good professionals or not, but in any case, we are two professionals who have done things We are similar, but we surely have different registers. Each one of us has our own personality. The press does the things it sells, because let’s not fool ourselves, we have all at some point done what it sells us. So, if it sells them to make enemies, then let them do. That sometimes I will have done things that bother you, sure, without a doubt…”, he continued.

Ana Rosa, then, jumped. “Man! You’ve hit me a few times. That you sometimes …”, she commented. “Let’s not start like this because perhaps there may be excess and default,” replied Campos. “I have never answered, that is true,” said Ana Rosa. “I think it’s better to face ghosts. I would have liked that in those terrible moments when there was even a certain confidential person who systematically insulted me, you could have said: ‘Teresa, I love you, I’m with you ‘, that’s all”.

The other great piques of María Teresa starred them with Jorge Javier, with whom she argued on several occasions in Save me. And we must not forget either, if we remember the great momentazos of María Teresa Campos, the day she called Paolo Vasile, who had been her boss at Telecinco, an “asshole”, when she was already on Antena 3.

In any case, the character of Campos became clear many years ago, during a run-in with Jesús Hermida on TVE, at the end of the 80s. A discussion that has always been doubted if it was reality or was scripted. The veteran communicator reproached him live for missing a day from work and Campos answered firmly. “I’m going to tell you one thing, you have a bad habit of correcting people live. You’re very ugly and you can’t tell me live that you’re angry because I wasn’t here on December 24, which is the only day of the year that I have asked him not to be there”, he exploded. “It’s already too much, I’m already tired.”

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