The entrance of María Teresa Campos’s driver at[person]’s house VIP Big Brother From the moment it became known, it unleashed a series of speculations about the true relationship between Gustavo and the daughters of the woman who was his boss for decades.

Initially, the contestant declared on the night of the reality show’s premiere, last Thursday, that he had called Terelu and Carmen Borrego before entering and even stated that they were delighted and that it had encouraged him. Little by little, denials came from her daughters and even the granddaughter of the deceased communicator just ten before her assistant, a son to her, crossed the door of Guadalix’s house. Then we even revealed that it was last August 20 when Gustavo, before his boss became ill, presented his resignation.

We also learned that Gustavo had gotten engaged to Zeppelin, GH’s production company, months before. And that his girlfriend, Ainhoa, would be present on the set to defend him.

This Saturday, at Fiesta they revealed that Gustavo will not receive a euro of the diminished inheritance of María Teresa Campos, who in the last years of her existence stopped working and was forced to sell some of her properties, such as her mansion in the northwest of Madrid.

The truth is that the Campos are aware that their mother’s driver, who was much older than that, is in need of money and that he knows “many ugly things” about the two sisters, according to a source who knows the situation. .

In fact, only the presence of Teresa Campos in this world stopped certain actions of Gustavo against Terelu and Borrego when Save me mounted a smear campaign against him, accusing him of being the mole who leaked things to the press. But now María Teresa is not there and if Gustavo is in the house collecting money and those of Mediaset are not stupid (and they are not at all), Gustavo’s task in raising the contest will be to tarnish not the memory of María Teresa, whom he adored and will always adore, but his daughters, whom perhaps, just such time, he will put it in its place if, as usually happens, “everything goes wrong” in the house.

María Teresa’s driver began his career on television badly when he assured this Thursday upon entering the house in Guadalix de la Sierra that he had the approval of Have him y Carmen Borrego in this new public adventure. Already on Friday Alejandra Rubio He had flatly denied him: “That’s a lie,” he said. Alejandra Rubio, who seemed indignant at This is life: “We didn’t know he was coming in. We could sense it because About twenty days ago he resigned. My grandmother was still here. It was a surprise for everyone because after so many years working with her, at a time when my grandmother was unwell, she resigned… That was when negotiations with ‘GH VIP’ began.

According to Gustavo’s version, he informed the Campos family of his entry into the house of Big Brother after María Teresa’s funeral: “She would have wanted me to be here. She told me ‘Take any opportunity’. I spoke just a few days ago with her daughters and told them that I was going in, and they thought it was good. This Thursday, also, I a super nice call from them and, from here, I send them a kiss,” he explained. “My grandmother had no evidence of this. Nor that it could be an option. Furthermore, Carmen tells me that this call has never existed.”Alejandra Rubio has bluntly revealed.

They say they are surprised and somewhat hurt, as well as worried: “I’m not afraid at all, he can’t say anything about me, but he has come in with reality TV professionals and, without going any further, Carmen Alcayde can talk a lot about him.”