The drama stirs up Cher again: the actress requests guardianship of her son Elijah Blue Allman due to his serious drug addiction

The storm continues to Cher. The superstar and pop goddess claims guardianship of her son, Elijah Blue Allman (47), to be the only person responsible for his assets, due to the serious addiction and mental health problems he suffers from. Elijah is recognized for being an American alternative rock guitarist and musician and for being the son of Cher, the only one born from her whirlwind courtship with the now deceased singer. Gregg Allman.

Cher's relationship with her son has never enjoyed special stability. They did not speak for years and Cher did not even attend Elijah's wedding in 2013. After the actress was accused by her daughter-in-law of kidnapping her own son in a New York hotel – a rumor that Cher herself denied -, now requests his guardianship and blames Marieangela King guilt over her son's vulnerable situation: “Their tumultuous relationship has been marked by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.” She already did it previously last October, on the occasion of the presentation of his latest album, where he stated that his ex-daughter-in-law had been “a destructive presence in the life of his son.”

Cher seeks to be solely responsible for Elijah's estate, claiming that it is “unable to manage his financial resources on his own”, according to the documents presented in the Superior Court of Los Angeles (USA). In them, the pop goddess's concern for her son's serious emotional state is expressed and even alludes to the lack of consensus with Elijah regarding the custody of his assets, given that his “problems” they incapacitate him to “express a preference.”

In fact, Cher's fear is that her son's financial benefits will be used to purchase drugs, leaving her without assets to maintain her personal care. Likewise, she points out that Elijah's income is around $120,000 annually due to his right to receive “periodic distributions” from the transmission of his father's fortune; which, in addition, she will receive before the end of the year. For this reason, the singer of If I Could Turn Back Time He urgently requests guardianship to take responsibility for said financial amount and thus protect his son's assets.

The documents presented to the Court also record Cher's tireless efforts “to ensure that Elijah received treatment”: “His mother loves him and has always acted in his best interests.”

The origin of Elijah's addiction

The addiction and mental health problems of the son of the late Gregg Allman began at age 11 with marijuana and ecstasy. From 2010 to the present, he has been constantly in and out of rehab centers. It will be the hearing that will determine the temporary verdict on the situation of Cher and her son until March 2024.