The dismissal of Laura Valenzuela because of the Duchess of Alba

The death of the endearing actress and presenter at the age of 92 leads us to remember some of the anecdotes that she herself told on occasions, always so kind and generous with the press. One of those curious experiences was the day that Laura Valenzuela acquaintance with Duchess of Alba. That contact with the aristocrat, back in the early 50s, was anything but beneficial for what many years later would become one of the most important presenters in the history of television, an actress in dozens of films and a great icon of the fashion, imposing a naturalness and elegance that he never abandoned.

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But before establishing herself and becoming famous, Rocío Laura Espinosa López-Cepero (her real name) worked as a clerk in a clothing store belonging to a friend of hers, and Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart became infatuated with a garment and decided to try it on, with such bad Luckily Laura gave it to him with the hanger inside. The Duchess did not notice it and put it on. She suddenly felt a twinge in her back and a strong pain. When she discovered her hanger, she became tremendously angry, what a genius the duchess had, and the situation was so scandalous that Laura was fired that same day.

But Valenzuela already had an alternative and dedicated herself to the world of models. From there she went to the movies and television. And to stardom. Over time, the iconic presenter met such a noble lady. She was already a famous face and they greeted each other. The unpleasant topic of dismissal came up and the two decided to forget the event and make peace immediately. Although Mrs. Cayetana didn’t even remember that fight.

Laura was never a spiteful person, quite the contrary, anyone who asks remembers her as a simple, sensitive and friendly woman, generous in her affections and faithful to her friends.