The day Julio Iglesias scored a Rubiales on Argentine television: “No, I ask you please…”

was the year 2015. The interpreter of Fresh water, salt water visited Susana Gimenez, one of the most influential presenters in Argentina, ex-girlfriend of Ricardo Darín himself. she introduced to Julio Iglesias and the artist entered the set with a splendid smile, grabbed the former model in true Rubiales style and kissed her while she tried to get away: “I knew this would happen”she said embarrassed.

But it did not stop there. Sitting on the sofa, Susana commented: “I didn’t want to wear glitter because Julio was coming and I knew he was going to kiss me and he was going to keep everything.” To which he replied: “The kisses that I give you in private are much more beautiful than the ones I give you in public. I’m worried because they will think that I kiss so badly. Come here…”. Susana came closer and he grabbed her again to give her another snog: “No Julio, I’m asking you please, you’re a married man…”she said, covering her face with both hands.

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A very uncomfortable moment that then, in 2015, was described by Julio’s fans as “fun”. Dozens of humorous comments (“What a phenomenon, it never changes. Ha ha ha”, “He’s a crack”, “Two great seducers, without a doubt”, “A master Julio, what a laugh ha ha ha”, “An old fashioned gallant school”…) and just a couple to censor the attitude of the singer: “I would love to know if all those who praise him for this action would say the same if that woman were his mother, wife or daughter”, “If I did this with the presenter they give me three life sentences”.

It was another time (eight years ago) and another country, but then there were few who came out to defend the rights of an embarrassed presenter and crucify the Spanish ‘Casanova’. Nor do we know if they had planned the move and given their consent behind the scenes to give a show, as happened with the also criticized kiss from Anabel Alonso to Jordi Cruz in Masterchef. In any case, it is not a scene that should be publicly joked about, nor is it the example that should be given to the new generations. The case of Luis Rubiales has made it abundantly clear: forcing a woman is not a joke, it is not a show and it is not the way to express joy or euphoria. And no, if your name is Julio Iglesias, neither.