The darts between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro at the Latin Grammy: she sings to him ‘We broke our love’ and he returns it with ‘Se fue’

The Catalan artist and her ex have turned the stage of the Seville Congress Palace into a true spectacle and not only for their performances, but for the messages they have sent to each other through the songs chosen for the occasion. Four months after their breakup, Rosalía he has left his soul on stage performing ‘Our love was broken’ and Raw Alejandro He has returned it with the mythical ‘He left’.

The truth is that the first opened the gala with a tribute to Spanish and flamenco music with Rocío Jurado while the second paid tribute to the Italian singer Laura Pausini, named Person of the Year in this edition of the Latin Grammy 2023. Coincidence or not , both had previously agreed with the organizers of the gala not to coincide either on the red carpet or inside the gala. That is to say, there is no good vibes.

Social networks were boiling with the great moment of both, whose performances have been placed in the Trending Topic of the night.