‘It’s over’: María Jiménez and Jenni Hermoso sneak into the new Equality campaign for 25-N

“It’s over, because I decided to do it and I suffered like no one had ever suffered, and my skin was left empty and alone, hopeless in oblivion.” The rotundity of Maria Jimenezdied this year, in It’s over, a song about the need to confront sexist violence, plays in the new campaign that the Ministry of Equality and the Government Delegation shared this Thursday regarding 25-N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The name of this song also coincides with the motto that the Women’s Soccer Team used to denounce the non-consensual kiss of the former manager. Luis Rubiales to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso. Both speeches coexist in a video that is already circulating like wildfire on the internet.

In the video, several women of different ages and backgrounds they sing the chorus of It’s over, one of Jiménez’s best-known songs. Precisely, this song began to sound strongly again after the death of the artist last September. A few weeks before, the national team’s players made history in our country after winning the World Cup against England. A victory that was marred by the kiss that the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation gave Hermoso during the celebration of the result. The commotion caused by the mobilization of the players, as well as the controversial resignation of the former manager, showed that a large part of Spanish society does not tolerate sexist attitudes.

The song that Jiménez released after denouncing having been a victim of gender violence by her ex-husband, the actor Pepe Sanchoends in the spot with the image of a girl dressed with the luggage of the Spanish soccer team, which represents the evolution of the feminist movement in Spain and the importance of it continuing to gain strength, because only in this way will a better scenario be achieved. respectful for the generations that arrive. “And now my world is different,” says the young woman in the recording.

No more “peeks” without consent

This part of Jiménez’s lyrics resonates in the spot, which has been named Now Spain is another. Ministerial sources point out that this proposal seeks to portray and defend “a society that, despite everything, has evolved in the fight against sexist violence and that she is no longer willing to tolerate the lack of consent.” This was demonstrated, in fact, with the complaint that Jenni Hermoso filed against Rubiales, based on the rights of the new Sexual Freedom Law. The businessman’s non-consensual kiss – “a piquito”, in his words, can now be considered a sexual assault.

The campaign, carried out by Ogilvy Madrid, has counted on the participation of women survivors of the Ana Bella Foundation to help abused women. Jiménez herself also promoted the María Jiménez Foundation, in Seville, to serve as a refuge and protection for women victims of gender violence.

They report from the Ministry that the spot will be projected in the 20th awards ceremony for 25-N, where “people, projects and institutions that during 2023 have carried out different works and awareness-raising actions in the fight against sexist violence are recognized.” The event will take place on November 21 at 5:30 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. It will be led by the communicators Isa Calderon y Lucia Lijtmaerpresenters of the well-known feminist radio program Weekly Deformed.