The cycling march ‘L’Étape by Tour de France’ 2023, in Bizkaia


Within the framework of the ‘Grand Départ’ of the Tour de France 2023 from Bilbao and the Basque Country, the ‘L’Étape by Tour de France’ cycling tour will take place in Bizkaia on June 11, with three different modalities for different types of amateur cyclists.

‘L’Étape’, a cycling tour that usually accompanies the Tour de France in recent years, will take place for the only time in Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia, with the double objective, according to the organization, of “attracting and involving” the event to the amateur public and broadcast the start of the gala round.

“There are many cycle tours, but very few reproduce the first stage of the Tour,” explained the coordinator of the event, Aitor V. Morell. “You could say it’s one of the most demanding stages of all the Tour de France in recent decades,” he added.

The route of the march is identical to that of the first stage of the 2023 Tour de France. It will cover the 185 kilometers of the opening day, Bilbao – Bilbao, to which must be added the 11 of the neutralized section for a total of 196 kilometers.

The ex-cyclist Joseba Beloki, three times podium in the Tour de France, and who along with other Basque cyclists collaborated in defining the stages of the ‘Grand Départ’, was also present at the presentation of the march, which took place this Thursday in Bilbao. ‘.

“Being able to emulate the professionals in such a demanding course is a unique opportunity. Being able to do the course in a group will help many people to do it, doing it individually would be very difficult,” Beloki said.

In addition to the official test there will be two more distances. The average, which consists of a total of 157 kilometers and accumulates a positive difference of 2850 meters, in a circuit that will take place almost entirely on the ‘Tour’ road.

The third, the one with the shortest distance, will be 125 kilometers of which 116 will pass along a route that the gala round will go through. Both the start and finish of the three appointments respect the same route as the first stage of the ‘Grande Boucle’ 2023.

The registration period for this exclusive appointment is now open on the official website of the event. Prices vary according to the distance of the march and the registration date. The price for the ‘Official’ and the ‘Medium’ is 75 euros, while the shortest will cost 72 euros. All events include a Santini jersey specially designed for the occasion.