Joana Sanz has made a decision after the scandal of Dani Alves, who has been in prison since last Friday for an alleged crime of rape in Barcelona. Almost a week later, the model from Tenerife has deleted the photos of her with the former Barça player. It must be remembered that she already made it clear this week that she did not have “trust” in her husband.

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Thus, if we review Joana’s wall on Instagram, we see that there is no longer a trace of the Brazilian side. After the scandal, the player was fired from the Pumas, a Mexican team for which he signed in the summer after his second spell with the culé team. Last Friday he returned to Barcelona on personal business for his wife, who had just lost his mother, and after giving a statement, he was arrested and imprisoned without bail.

A few days ago, Sanz wrote on Instagram: “My heart, endure so much pain.” After this message, she clarified that she was referring to her own heart and not that of her husband: “Lie. Do not misrepresent or misinterpret what I say. ‘Heart, endure so much pain’ is from me to me ‘”, she explained.

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The Canary Islander and the Brazilian soccer player met in Barcelona in 2016 thanks to some mutual friends. A year later they got married in Formentera in an intimate wedding. This Saturday, the soccer player’s wife also reappeared on networks to ask for “respect” for her situation.